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Maternal and child store shelves display the four elements of _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-23
Because of the particularity of maternal and infant stores purchasing consumer groups, whether can cause shelf display to the customer's purchasing desire is important! Customers at first glance into the maternal and child stores is: commodity, maternal and infant store shelves display how to attract customers, take a look at below what are the elements of the display; A, each product has its own distinctive thematic selling point, but will be through the display to display, can make the customer an intuitive feeling out its role, thematic display can not only show the characteristics of the product, and can make consumers feel different on the vision, can let consumers have a strong desire. Second, the interest of maternal and infant supplies store service object is a mother and her mother-in-law, the baby is the user, so let the maternal and child supplies display and lively, healthy, happy, happy, mind features cool and children to play. Maternal and child stores to build a: store atmosphere, the display will show a new era of newborn children fashion of tong qu, such method can cause the mother-in-law mothers of identity and belonging. Three, colour and maternal and child supplies store need to pay attention to color collocation, advocating the same color is tie-in, the goods of the same color together can give a person visual feeling refreshed, class will be greatly improved, but also as the case may be, to avoid the same. Available to foil of warm color cool color, can not only avoid too flowers and bright feeling, can attract the attention of customers. 4, distinct maternal and child supplies store display will have administrative levels feeling, to show the space to be reasonable and smooth and have instructive. Also note that consumer's consumption and purchasing habits and the in the mind to bear ability. Generally speaking, consumers shopping need enough free space, and can independently choose, display against excessive congestion, must have the rhythm and significant administrative levels sense, it is best not to put the goods of the same style, same size, prevent a sense of shop as a warehouse for the customer.
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