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New Launching Plastic Shopping Trolley PST-M Hshelf

New Launching Plastic Shopping Trolley PST-M Hshelf


 WHY  PST-M Plastic Shopping Trolley

Different from common shopping trolley, the PST-M Plastic shopping trolley is made of  new plastic material and metal. High-quality raw materials and efficient automated production can ensure the rigidity and stability of plastic supermarket trolleys. Ordinary shopping trolleys are easy to wear and old, and our plastic shopping trolley is fashionable and novel, not easy to wear, we pay attention to details, and give customers the most comfortable shopping experience.

Features: simple cleaning, waterproof and practical, safe and environmentally friendly, firm structure, flexible and wear-resistant.

Scope of application: major supermarket chain stores 

Color   and    LOGO   Customised                                                                
Size   90L     100L    125L   165L    180L    200L

Wheel: It is composed of two swivel and two direction . It can be driven freely at 360 degrees, which is convenient, flexible, noiseless, durable and wear-resistant. Silent universal wheel, smooth, tires are made of industrial wear-resistant rubber, good adaptability to the road surface, easy to disassemble

Basket: Reasonable frame layout, large space body

Plastic armrest design: feels comfortable and smooth, with anti-collision corners on both sides of the body to prevent crashes and wear on the body. The body is combined with plastic and steel and fixed with multiple screw plates for more stability

Surface treatment process: spraying process, frosted anti-scratch process, honeycomb shape frosted anti-scratch compared to other shapes, physical scratch and scratch resistance effect is more significant, no burr does not hurt hands, fully automatic Machine welding, more professional and reliable

Structure: baby seat, handle, back mash panel, plastic body, LOGO position, car frame (larger bearing capacity, stable),wheels (PU)

WHY Hshelf
Hshelf as a supplier in China supply various types of retail shop fixtures and display equipment to thousands of stores around the world. with rich market experience of cooperation experience with distributors and end customers (chain store, supermarket, pharmacy store, hardware & tools etc.). And have 260 patented designs in China,  have a R&D team of 20 engineers. Since 1999, With over 15 years experiences to make OEM shelving parts for world-famous brands and manufacturer around the world.Passing the BV test ,scored Grade A.  Automated production lines improve efficiency and quality. All Standard products are Certified by TUV and QC Checks during whole process. This shows that hshelf abides by laws and regulations, has development prospects and is worthy of trust.

If you are interested in our plastic shopping trolley, please contact us email: enquiry@Hshelf.com

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