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Shop Owners: What Should be Prepared for the 2021 Retails

Shop Owners: What Should be Prepared for the 2021 Retails



The miserable 2020 will pass and 2021 will be the important year. In 2021, there will be new COVID-19 treatments. So far, the Chinese vaccine has entered the clinical trial stage and no adverse reactions have been found. Pfizer's vaccine has also been developed and is in trial phase. And coronavirus testing will be faster and more accessible in 2021. We have more prepared doctors and more effectively therapies. After so much hard work and great preparation, the situation will surely return to better. And all industries will have recovery gradually.


So, after a bruising year, with unpredictable shopping patterns and lengthy lockdowns, retailers will be looking at 2021 as a year to re-group and re-build. As the professional shopfitting company, we will give 4 ideas for physical shop owners to help better prepare for the incoming 2021 retails.


1. Purchase of Epidemic Prevention Items

Just because we have better treatments, better doctors, and better vaccines in 2020 doesn't mean we can relax. For the retail industry, personal and business protection preparedness is still very important. As a shop owner, always have disinfectant, masks, thermometers and so on ready at the store.


2. New or Eye-catching Store Designs and Fixtures

An investment in high-end store fixtures is a prerequisite expenditure for successful business. It is important to consider the quality of store fixtures you will use to display each and every product in your store in order to maximize the customer shopping experience, suit the surroundings and drive sales.


3. Innovations Reshape Physical Retail

Brick-and-mortar retail will incorporate digitally enabled technologies to make stores more experiential and frictionless. Click and collect, cashierless checkout, contactless payment, and digital signage will streamline in-store transactions. Increased emphasis on atmosphere and community-driven experiences will make retail more inviting.


4. Embrace Digital Channels

In 2021, e-commerce will remain a top priority. Having a brick-and-mortar store doesn’t mean avoiding online and mobile shopping entirely. Empower your staff to use mobile devices to help customers on the sales floor—whether to look up inventory data or product information or something else. Also allow customers the option to buy products online and pick them up in your store. In doing so you’ll capitalize on the advantages of online shopping, while simultaneously drawing consumers into your brick-and-mortar space. Give them opportunities to engage with your brand further when they get there.

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