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Small storefront convenience store how to choose the design convenience store shelves

by:Hshelf     2020-06-11
Before a lot of people in a small convenience store, often because a heartbreaker convenience store and how to design planning, because the store is small, so you need to in the effective space to plan out the right position to put convenience store shelves. Convenience store shelves inside put has an effect to the integral style of the shop, so how to plan a convenience store shelves is also a very important thing. Supermarket shelves factory today is to teach you how to design a convenience store shelves. 1. Shelves and store the integral style needs to be unified, uniform color, uniform size, material, the purpose is to build a clean and for the customer, the orderly shopping environment and atmosphere; 2. Aisle decide the customer, on the basis of traffic, management breed measure to construct a reasonable distance, main Suggestions in 1. 6 m - 4. Between 5 meters, deputy channel suggestion in 1. 2 meters - 2 meters; 3. The goods shelves to put in order, make the customer be clear at a glance, with varieties of products are put together, have relevant contact goods put together, to stimulate the desire to buy customers; 4. To ensure the shelves have enough brightness, the light of the setting stress close to natural light; Convenience store shelves design means that a person's taste, a taste of the store, which affect the customer overall feelings and impression of shops, above is the supermarket shelf factory after factory 20 years of experience, if need to purchase a shelf products, welcome to come to consult.
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