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Some skills on display and layout of supermarket shelves

Some skills on display and layout of supermarket shelves


About the supermarket hardware facilities, the most important is the supermarket shelf. Supermarket shelves as a carrier of supermarket goods display, how to place and how to layout is the need for each supermarket operator to seriously consider. Whether the supermarket shelf display is good or not is the key factor for a supermarket to attract customers and develop customers into loyal customers. Today, Hshelf will introduce some skills for supermarket shelf display and layout


First of all, to ensure the safety of supermarket shelf display, commodity display to be stable, do not leave security risks. We should also pay attention to the safety of the displayed goods and timely clean up the expired, deteriorated and damaged goods. 

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Secondly, the supermarket shelf display should ensure that customers can easily watch and choose, and ensure that the display of goods can be well controlled within the range of sight convenient for customers to select. In addition, we also need to do a good job in classifying the goods displayed, so as to provide convenience for customers to choose and buy the goods they need.


Third, the convenience of customers to take the goods should be taken into account in the display of goods. Therefore, it is better to leave a space of two fingers wide between the displayed goods and the shelves of supermarkets. Otherwise, the goods are not easy to take out or put back, which may make customers lose the desire to buy. Keep the shelves clean and tidy, messy shelves will also make customers lose the desire to shop.


Finally, in order to improve the profitability, it is better to match the high-quality, high price and high profitability goods with the best sellers. We should also display related commodities, such as toothpaste and toothbrush, soap and soap box, mops and cleaners, to increase the possibility of selling commodities.


For some novices who have just entered the supermarket industry, it is often easy to go into the wrong area of management. They think that as long as they have excellent management skills, they can make money, but in fact, it is not. In addition to some business skills, the display of supermarket shelves is also a crucial link, which can bring more possibilities of commodity sales for supermarkets and promote the promotion of turnover. As a professional supermarket equipment manufacturer, Hshelf provides all kinds of double sided shelves, single-sided shelves, shopping carts, shopping baskets, etc. our goal is to provide customers with comfortable one-stop service based on their full sense of security and comfort.



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