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Supermarket shelves in addition to the durable more should notice colour is tie-in

by:Hshelf     2020-05-16
The role of the shelf is very broad, not just only for warehouse storage, in addition, also can be used as a supermarket shelves, display shelves, also has a large market, the appearance of supermarket shelves to make use of their supermarket stores to get a better show. But here the colour collocation of the zha drops again and said to it gone? We all know, probably for warehouse shelves, the collocation of color is not so important, as long as it is basically some quietly elegant of some pure color can, demand is not high overall; But for supermarket shelves, it's big different, it needs to take into account the need to put the color of the items, and try to cooperate with, have the effect of foil, more the characteristics of the launch of the product, this is the important of it. Choose good supermarket shelves, of course, is inevitable, but the supermarket shelves in addition to durable more should notice colour is tie-in, believe it to have their own characteristics, for the supermarket stores have a better display effect.
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