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Supermarket shelves in the end

by:Hshelf     2020-05-19
As living standards improve, supermarket shelves industry application fields are also more up, like department stores, convenience stores, supermarkets, to use more. Due to the supermarket shelves of this kind of shelves are relatively special, compared by the difference of the shelves. So, in the design of supermarket shelves need to pay attention to these problems. 1) Beautiful note: supermarket shelves to beautiful demands much higher compared with other types of shelves, so in the design as far as possible with some fashion elements to decorate the supermarket shelves. 2) Fortitude is sedate, remove the vertical arm, is more advantageous to transport and install. Inherited the merits of the traditional shelf structure; 3) Because the supermarket goods shelves of various, so in the design of supermarket shelves should be considering the space and its each layer of bearing important than for commercial shelf properly; In a word, in the design of supermarket shelves, pay attention to the differences and shelf, because it is a special shelf.
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