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Supermarket shelves in the structure of the wooden cases and how to design

by:Hshelf     2020-05-23
Supermarket shelves and wooden cases and the structure is the important factors influencing the solid wood tenon and mortise holes or supermarket shelves and juncture of wooden cases and rationality and scientific nature. Supermarket shelves and wooden cases and furniture structure reasonable joint method is the guarantee of the whole flat horizontal main processing way, supermarket shelves and wooden cases and durable to a great extent, relies on the reasonable joint method and tolerance matching precision. A supermarket shelves and wooden cases and by a number of different size and shape of parts, the main mechanical parts of the parts should choose higher shear strength of material production. Such as shoe ark wood pile head, on craft not only requirements splicing method, tolerance matching precision, but also for material tenacity, stamina, texture straight hard miscellaneous wood, to enhance the stress that the mouth. Such as waterproof and moistureproof the relative would be much better. Actually used in the supermarket shelves, such as wood products need to be combined with the structural design and process, we mentioned in the previous section & other; Clothing display rack design combination form to express & throughout; In the clothing display shelf will use this technique as well. Supermarket shelves and wooden cases and the structure USES the wood screws or according to the design USES the machine screws ( Male female screw) Joint method has a wide application range. ( Supermarket shelves should be include: clothing shelves, wooden shelves, shoes and so on a series of wooden shelves shelves are exhibiting ark to use can tear open outfit shelves of the design process, specific see & other; Supermarket shelves to removable shelves & throughout; All partial shipments for screw combination, easy installation and transportation.
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