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Supermarket shelves lighting design - — The lights are on the shelves with right?

by:Hshelf     2020-06-09
Are using incandescent lighting in super market, because incandescent lights will produce the color of the familiar, but also has not perfect, so some experts recommend mixed use incandescent lights and fluorescent lamp. Although most supermarkets by fluorescent bulbs instead of incandescent lamp, to increase the luminosity, improve super watch and buy speed to good effect, but still can't produce the function of the natural or familiar color, also is to use fluorescent powder mixture, and increases the light agent such as red, green, and blue, with different light color. Snacks cargo aircraft lighting design fluorescent lamp with 4 kinds of color, namely luxurious cool white light tube, it give a person a kind of cool feeling, and make all the color can keep color and close to primary colors; Luxurious warm white light tube, give a person with warm feeling, like incandescent lights, strengthen the warm color is light, reduce blue, LuLeng colours; Cool and refreshing white light tube, have cool and refreshing feeling, keep the original color, emphasizes the yellow orange light, reduce the red light, warm white light tube, have warm feeling, like with incandescent lighting, keep the original color, strengthen the yellow light, reduce the effect of red light and cool light. The first two tubes should be used in sales area, if in the fluorescent lamp is weak, add red incandescent lighting effect will be better.     Sales area, if in the fluorescent lamp is weak, increase the red incandescent lighting effects will be better. Straight in the super market with a 70% 30% of incandescent lamp can obtain a better and balanced tone. The supermarket lighting design to explain in detail & emsp; In the sales areas, such as the workspace and traffic concentration areas, using the standard color is more effective in the luxury of fluorescent lamp. The effect of the former than the latter by 30%, the effect of incandescent lamp tube and luxury sun only 40 ~ 50%.     Supermarket department area: it is recommended to use T8 aluminum trough or T5 fluorescent aluminum trough fluorescent of fluorescent light, can achieve a higher intensity of illumination.     Supermarket to live fresh goods area: it is recommended to use supermarket to live fresh area droplight, according to different raw products such as bread, live fish, vegetables, fruit, dried fruit, such as using different color temperature of light source, create a new environment.     Window displays: it is recommended to use metal halide lamp, metal halide light source a better color rendering performance according to highlight the color of the goods, through the lamp to achieve the effect of accent lighting. The supermarket building area: it is recommended to use project-light lamp, realize flood lighting of buildings. Fruits and vegetables area lighting design interpretation that is according to the different color temperature of light source, a different colour to configure different commodity lighting, to achieve the result that appeal to consumers, to enhance the customer's desire. Especially the fresh area in the supermarket, the shell of lamps and lanterns will according to different commodity, painted yellow, red, blue, green, orange, violet wait for color, the lighting effect at the same time, also can rise to decorate action.
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