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Supermarket shelves why get the favour of supermarkets

by:Hshelf     2020-05-23
Supermarket shelves in a supermarket to present the layout form of lattice type can be based on the characteristics of store scale, stores, customer habits and take various forms in detail, and some relatively flexibility and practicability. This arrangement is supermarket shelves and customer channel growth shape section, arrangement and main and deputy channel width consistent each, each other all the supermarket shelves takes on the form of parallel or orthogonal array, the supermarket shelves in the supermarkets appear grid layout form what are the characteristics and the upper hand? Supermarket shelves grid layout can be built with the atmosphere of a strict and efficient; Footpath according to traffic needs and design, can make full use of the space; Settled for the standardization of the commodity supermarket shelves, the customer can afford to identify the species and distribution characteristics of goods, easy to choose; Easy to use scale supermarket shelves, can save capital; Supermarket shelves for s good cooperation with customers, such as simplifying commodity management and safety to defend the upper hand.
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