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Supermarket store shelves: 1200 square meters design

by:Hshelf     2020-06-10
For 1200 square meters of the supermarket, and 80 square meters with 120 square meters of small supermarket convenience stores are not the same. Its design needs to consider more factors, large supermarket stores liquidity, in order to achieve all-round the characteristics of no dead Angle, let customers will walk every corner: 1, the design concept with economic, affordable, energy saving, environmental protection, modern means to provide customers with a comfortable shopping environment. 2, air conditioning and ventilation interior design for air conditioning and ventilation consideration is often under the premise of meeting the normal equipment requirement, consider cooperate with indoor smallpox modelling has, does not mean that the whole scheme 3, the color is fundamental key with rice white, light grey, just as a commodity on adornment colour background, it can highlight the color of the goods itself, not a presumptuous guest usurps the host's role. 4, the overall lighting design lights bright and soft, its design principle is: a, pragmatic, intensity of illumination symbol actual operation requirements; B, easy to maintain; C, key position lighting use key combined with integral illume; D, pay attention to build dimensional administrative levels; E, consider its maintenance cost; F, pay attention to its service life; Emphatically consider when circuit system design operating costs, the implementation of multiple control.
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