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What are the characteristics of different heavy shelves?

by:Hshelf     2020-02-09
In production and life, Hshelf Shop Shelving always play an important role. For example, medium-sized shelves are different from large storage shelves. Different Hshelf Shop Shelving, especially heavy shelves, have different differences and characteristics, for many customers, this is a place to pay attention to. In order to let everyone have a deeper understanding of this, Xiaobian will introduce you to the characteristics of several different types of heavy shelves. Usually heavy shelves 1. Goods are usually packed into shelves for storage after being bundled with unit assembly equipment such as pallets and storage cages. 2. There is a special forklift channel, which is more suitable for places with heavy load demand. 3. The storage work with mechanical equipment has high working efficiency, short working time and low labor intensity. Double depth shelf 1. The goods are also packed into the shelves for storage after being bundled with pallet, storage cage and other unit assembly equipment. 2. The Hshelf Shop Shelving are placed in double rows, and the passages are usually less than the usual heavy shelves. Entry shelf 1. A continuous whole shelf without Channel cutting. 2. Full plug-in assembled structure, the total depth of the shelf is more requested, and the durability is better. Narrow Lane shelf 1. Similar to the usual heavy-duty shelves, but its forklift access is narrow and its space utilization rate is higher. 2. The amount of goods stored is large, the goods are in and out more frequently, and there are higher picking requests for goods. 3. Like the medium-sized shelves, it is often flexible and convenient to use, and the access to goods is safer. 4. The forklift can choose an independent storage forklift, and there is no plan to use the storage forklift to drive out of the room to perform other tasks. Therefore, the different characteristics of these shelves are obviously different, but each shelf has its unique function and value, the Suzhou Huanshi shelf can provide customers with a variety of shelf products including medium-end shelves, but the after-sales service system is perfect. If you are interested, you may wish to understand us.

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