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What are the characteristics of sanitizer stand holder

by:Hshelf     2020-05-01
Sanitizer stand holder is widely used in pharmaceutical companies, food processing plants (companies), medical and health, banks, hotels, restaurants and kindergartens and other units for hand disinfection to ensure hygiene. Features of sanitizer stand holder: 1. Using intelligent microcomputer control to achieve industrial-grade work stability. Widely used in hand cleaning and disinfection of medical and clean workshops; 2. Energy saving, long battery life, a set of batteries can be used 120,000 times, which can save a lot of battery costs (200 times a day, can be used for 2 years); 3. Two AC / DC power supply methods (When connected to AC power, the machine automatically blocks DC power supply, saving battery costs); 4. Infrared auto-sensing, non-touch, to prevent penetration infection; 5. Double LED display, you can read the working status of the machine at any time (green light is on during normal operation, red light is on when fault or low battery, please refer to the manual for details) 6. The amount of liquid can be adjusted intelligently according to the usage; 7. Foam, gel, spray three liquid discharge methods can be selected; 8. Large area streamlined window design, the liquid volume situation is clear; 9. ABS engineering plastics, no damage to the 3000 shell drop test; 10. Can provide customized services of color, LOGO, function; Intelligent sanitizer stand holder, also known as hand cleaner or alcohol sprayer, is an electrical product that uses the principle of induction to spray disinfection materials using a touch-free method to disinfect hands and upper arms. Product advantages of sanitizer stand holder: 1. Inductive design to prevent interstitial infection 2,304 stainless steel material, durable 3. Complete atomization effect, reduce costs 4. Perfect induction technology to prevent accidental activation 5. Replaceable nozzle design, quickly solve the problem of nozzle blockage 6. Full liquid and liquid warning, extend product life.
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