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What are the measures 'storage shelves of the maintenance'?

by:Hshelf     2020-06-09
What are the measures 'storage shelves of the maintenance'? What are the measures 'storage shelves of the maintenance'? Warehouse shelves mostly belongs to the disposable input device, in general, the service life of at least 15 years, but at ordinary times should pay attention to the shelves of the maintenance and maintenance. Maintenance on storage shelves have the following measures: 1. Impact protection. Combination of shelves is easy damaged parts of the channel and corner column, is often caused by forklift truck collision deformation. Heavy shelves supplier according to different storage shelves, channel width and transporting tools provide a matching anticollision column. In the channel position should be installed crash barrier. Install the anticollision column plays an very important role in protecting shelves column. 2. The weight. Different specifications of the storage shelves are made according to the bearing design. So the weight of heavy shelves must be within the shelves can withstand the weight. Warehouse goods manage member on the shelf bearing limit load identification. To follow the principle of shelf bottom heavy on light, namely put heavy bottom, top and light. 3. Moistureproof prevent bask in rain. Heavy shelves column and beam though are metal products, and the surface has the lacquer that bake, but be affected with damp be affected with damp be basked in after a long period of time can rust, which affect service life. Shelves layer board to board, window edge position are susceptible to the rain, the rain after the board will be tilted deformation. 4. Pushing the rules of personnel use car. Especially heavy and warehouse storage shelves must be equipped with power pushing car, push the car use and operation must can only be certified by the special operation. Most warehouse shelves pillar collision deformation is caused by pushing the used car by unauthorized persons. Other storage shelves beams made from yellow, to push the car operator identification. 5. Prescribed standard of card board size and release cargo size. Commonly used card board specifications in width 0. 8 m - 1. 2 meters between. Like heavy beams racking beam length is 2. 5 meters, is in accordance with the two card board width design is put. If use card board is mark, or put above the load size more than 1. 2 meters, the warehouse shelves pickup hard plug or hard will hit the post. 6. Storage shelves use system. Different warehouse, goods, there are different ways to use. Warehouse managers are to use system for storage shelves, let each shelf using the people to learn and abide by, in order to ensure the safe use and life of storage shelves of regular service life are generally not more than 15 years, but many users bought shelves after does not know how to repair and maintenance, repairing and maintenance storage shelves right will extend the shelf life, reduce the rate of damage of shelves, help enterprises to reduce costs. Shelves of the former can be through the process to wipe, cleaning, lubrication, adjustment and general way to care of equipment, referred to as the equipment maintenance and nurse. Don't overload shelves in use process. Each shelf has it carry in its design has been doomed, so don't force load in use process, avoid to cause potential safety hazard. To select qualified card board, don't don't have standard card board.
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