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What kind of pharmacy shelves are there? _【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-26
The pharmacy shelves are what kind? The success of pharmacy management besides needs certain marketing techniques, also cannot leave a good pharmacy shelves display. Though seemingly only the carrier of goods on display shelves, but plays a vital role in promoting sales. Then you know about the pharmacy shelves and how many? Next let [ 【 Hshelf shelf 】 To give you something about the drugstore shelves of knowledge. First of all, from the material of the pharmacy shelves. Shelf manufacturing material for shelf overall quality plays a decisive role, so if you want to buy good quality shelves must first for shelf material has one of the most basic level of understanding. The shelves of the most common on the market at present delicate cold-rolled steel quality, and the building of steel shelves, high-grade environmental protection plate made of wooden shelves, and their respective advantages and disadvantages are the two materials coexist, so compare the compromise of steel and wood and the shelves. A wide variety of materials and design, to provide customers with more choices. Second is the pharmacy shelves kinds. The pharmacy shelves what types are available for our choice? Pharmacy shelves is a very general, but it can also according to the areas of the pharmacy in detail. Usually will have a traditional Chinese medicine pharmacy, prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs, health products, cashier area, again a little bit large pharmacies will also set up the medical device area, so the drugstore shelves types including shelves, non-prescription medicine cabinet, shelf, in the ark of ark of medical equipment, health care products, such as pharmacy checkout, and these shelves can distinguish according to the different styles in more detail, such as the medicine cabinet contains ginseng antler ark, dao medicine machine, etc. Pharmacy shelves besides according to the regional segmentation, can also according to the structure. Such as pharmacy double-sided single, pharmacy shelves, etc. Pharmacy one may call it against the wall shelves, because of the particularity of prescription drugs cannot be arbitrarily purchase, so the single side shelf usually put in the region of the prescription drugs, prescription and collocation use before the ark, form a closed area, so as to avoid customers take. And pharmacy double-sided also known as island shelves, shelves in the pharmacy in the middle of the position, are commonly used to display non-prescription drugs.
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