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What parts of the shelves should be placed in the supermarket?

by:Hshelf     2020-05-26
For supermarket shelves, the shelves of purchased some and where should we put the shelves in some best? Because of a supermarket, it is to have a lot of classification, and how do we go to a better classification, how to put the shelves? People believe that this is open the supermarket, to this, now how can we take a look at the supermarket shelves in place? We all know the kinds of commodities in the supermarket is very wide. We can buy some people in the supermarket, can buy in the supermarket has a toothbrush. Then, the supermarket is how to realize the classification of these goods and put? Everyone at the time of go to the supermarket, you can see many shelves. But is that some very ordinary products, make our supermarket is very neat. However, we find the location of its actually also has the certain regularity. First, the shelves must be toward each supermarket shopping customers. We want to achieve effect is people after that take the door, as long as looked up can see shelves product, so that people can have the idea of buying. In order to be able to attract people's attention, we can make some special design on the shelves. We can in the above, put some toys, also can put some pictures. Of course, we also can put some goods into a special shape. This shape can be the modelling of all we can think of. We can give full play to our own imagination. Second, shelves must leads to the corridor. However, this is not to say that the location of the place should be in the middle of. We can choose closer to a supermarket the main channel. In addition, we cannot put too much goods. We are still placed in the same class the best choice of products, or a commodity. Third, general supermarkets in every week, or a period of time, there will be some promotional activities. To these activities better, and we will choose some appropriate shelves.
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