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Which factors should be considered when choosing storage shelves?

Which factors should be considered when choosing storage shelves?


1. The floor load-bearing level of the warehouse itself, this figure needs to be obtained from the contractor or the architectural design institute. This parameter is very important. If the floor load of the warehouse is only 1 ton and the replacement shelf load is 5 tons, it must be ground sinking or deformation, and the heavy one may even collapse, causing a safety accident. Don't just consider building high racks to save space, but also consider the basic weight of materials stored in high racks.
2. The categories and containers of materials stored on storage shelves. The size of the shelf needs to be related to the unit storage equipment (steel pallet, plastic pallet, storage cage, box pallet, stacking rack). The size of the storage shelf is designed according to the parameters of these equipment, but it is best to be designed by the shelf The manufacturer gives the recommended size, the technical staff of the shelf manufacturer is relatively professional, and the shelf size given is more reasonable, Hshelf can help you solve these problems.
3. Regardless of whether you choose attic shelves, through shelves, heavy shelves, cantilever shelves or medium-sized shelves, you must consider the way of shelf access. Whether there are rack storage and retrieval equipment (forklifts, reclaimers, stackers), if so, you need to consider the gyration radius of the equipment, the overall dimensions of the equipment, and the maximum pickup height of these equipment.
4. The incoming and outgoing form and storage time of storage materials. There may be a variety of materials with different storage times in the warehouse. This requires consideration of the form of entry and exit or storage method to find a truly suitable warehouse shelf that can achieve a higher space utilization rate. For example: drive-in racks, adjustable pallet racks, roller racks, mobile racks and ordinary high racks. If you choose this type of racking, you may also need to invest in certain loading and unloading equipment, such as narrow-way forklifts, three-way forklifts, etc.
5. Factory shelf layout. Many companies only pay attention to the shelf space utilization when purchasing storage shelves, but ignore the concept of logistics. Be sure to pay attention to the fluidity of the materials after the shelf is constructed, because the dimensions of the shelf, the load-bearing capacity, and the loading and unloading equipment may be different because of the different layout.
6. Supporting electronic system. If the capital investment is sufficient, some relatively high-tech equipment can be considered. Automated three-dimensional warehouse, forklift direct picking system, shuttle rack, etc. It is necessary to check in advance whether the existing warehouse management system can interface with these systems. If there is a problem, it needs to be developed separately, and the development cost should be included in the shelf construction plan.
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