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Why Choosing Glass Shelving for Your Store

Why Choosing Glass Shelving for Your Store


As we all know, the visual merchandising and aesthetic quality of a shopfront can be enhanced by updating some of the shop fittings; namely shop shelving. We always advise our clients to consider installing glass shelving to display their products, creating a more elegant and upmarket atmosphere in their shop.

Imagine walking into a shop, where the shelving glitters under beautiful lighting, creating a feeling of opulence and luxury. Now imagine displaying a product on those gorgeous, elegant shelves. Glass shelving allows your product to be viewed from different angles, without the visual barrier of opaque shelving. The transparency of the glass ensures that the focus is entirely on the product. Drawing your customer’s focus to your products will help your customers to immediately find the product they are looking for, and will encourage them to purchase it. There are three reasons for choosing glass shelving for your store as followed:

Glass Shelving

1. Durable

Probably the first thing that comes in your mind when considering glass shelves is their safety, durability, and maintenance. Instinctively we tend to link glass with fragility and “deep cuts” made by it, but we are more than happy to inform you that you can let go of that idea. Nowadays, the glass shelves are made from tempered (toughened) glass meaning it is strengthened by several thermal and chemical treatments, its edges are smooth and polished without any sharp edges remaining and they are quite simple to install with floating glass shelf brackets. Additionally, tempered glass shelves tend to crumble into tiny granular chunks instead of sharp jagged shards that can be dangerous and it can be up to seven times stronger than the regular glass. Next time you think that implementing glass can be risky and dangerous, think about the skyscrapers and modern buildings which are literally covered in glass and consider that things and times are surely changed. Tempered glass shelves are resilient, durable, and 100% safe and secure.

Glass Shelving

2. Classy Interior

First, if you are aiming to create a chic look for your store, you should definitely consider adding glass shelves. In the past few years, not only interior designers but also architects have broadly accepted and employed the minimalistic designs in order to make space feel brighter, larger, and more open. Its shiny finish together with the smooth edges creates a unique yet elegant blended look. Furthermore, the glass is a transparent material which allows natural light to pass through it and create a relaxing interior design.

On the other hand, their transparency will allow you to put a subtle emphasis on the things you intend showcasing while. With their usage, you can forget about worrying whether or not the shelves will overshadow the goods you most wanted to display.

3. Eco-friendly

Glass is readily available as it is manufactured out of sand. The availability of sand makes it more advantageous when compared to other materials such as wood as the manufacturing is non-destructive to the environment. This makes glass the go-to item when manufacturing is put into consideration. Also, glass gives a modern finish when compared to wood.

Glass Shelving

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