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Wood on supermarket shelves and iron shelves use what's the difference

by:Hshelf     2020-05-29
In our everyday when the choose and buy daily necessities can see in the supermarket shelves, but most of the supermarket shelves are iron shelves, wooden shelves rarely seen, but sometimes because of supermarket goods put demand purchase some wooden supermarket shelves, so in the process of using wood supermarket shelves compared to the iron shelves should pay attention to what? Compared to other shelves, wooden shelves is a greener, more concise form of shelves. Especially in recent years, supermarket wooden shelf is more and more widely used. In this process, the supermarket wooden shelves use considerations also inevitably to be promoted. Underneath, small make up to introduce you to the supermarket wooden shelves use notice: 1. Goods in the first season, fashion products in the back. 2. Color is darker in the former, in bright colors. 3. Small person in the first volume, large volume in the back. 4. In the former price cheap, expensive in the back. 5. Use of lighting, colour and decoration, to create atmosphere, focus on the customer's line of sight. 6. Supermarket wooden shelf labels to the positive, can make the customer be clear at a glance, convenient to take, also is one of the most basic way of display.
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