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Shelving Manufacturer: Why MINISO Store Blooming All Over the World

Shelving Manufacturer: Why MINISO Store Blooming All Over the World



At present, MINISO has reached strategic cooperation and opened the stores in more than 40 countries and regions including the US, Canada, Russia, Singapore, UAE, South Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Macau, with an average of 80-100 stores opened per month. MINISO is estimates that 6,000 stores will be opened worldwide by the end of 2020 with revenue exceeding 60 billion RMB (more than 9 billion USD).

Miniso store

How MINISO become so popular? Except their market strategies, operation policy and fashion design work, it is believed that MINISO Store Fixture matters in its success story.

In the previous Blog, we have analyzed MINISO Store layout, now we are going to introduce the most important part of MINISO Store Fixture, that is the Retail Display System.

1. MINISO Gondola Shelving

The MINISO store shelving features for elegant appearance, sturdy structure, various dimensions, stylish and fashionable design. What' s more, the merchandise display on MDF Gondola Shelving can have a visually sudden effect, and the products can be reasonably classified and placed, not only for customers to find products, but also for merchants to replenish. In addition, the products can be classified according to categories. The corresponding branded products are placed on shelves in different regions, and they are placed according to the differences in product functions and materials.

MINISO gondola shelving

2. MINISO Display Standing Rack

The MINISO Standing Rack has a good quality of flexibility. First, the whole rack can be assembled easily. Second, you can also add different accessories like drawer, headband holder, earring plate, small wooden box to better organize your merchandise. A large selection of accessories designed to help you better organize your products, display add-on merchandise, signage and more. Moreover, The Standing Rack can take the most use of your store space, helping display more goods clearly and more attractive, thus promoting the incomes.

MINISO Display rack

3. MINISO Earrings Display Table

MINISO Earrings Display Shelving, also can be called Earring Gondola, Double-Side Display Rack, Accessories Store Shelving, MINISO Earrings Display Stand, etc. It is simply assembled with display board, wooden grids, steel and wood frames and drawers. But it has a good quality of stability for its weight capacity can be 100kg. Serval drawers also are designed to insert into the shelving to enlarge the storage area. Clerks can reorganize the goods conveniently and fast. High base foot design makes it easy to clean the floor. And there also means having more space for free usage. 

Miniso display table

4. MINISO Retail Display Table

MINISO retail display tables system is ideal for showcasing extensive product lines with incredible variety. Pedestal store fixtures help highlight key merchandise in a visually appealing way. Our retail display tables come in a variety of styles and models fit to match the decor of any environment. Businesses like grocery stores, make-up shops, clothes store, bakeries, and toy shops can use these platforms to organize a product selection and promote merchandise effectively. Conserve valuable floor space while simultaneously maximizing the amount of inventory that can be presented with retail display tables. The smarter your products are presented, the more likely your customers will be to pick up an item.

MINISO Diplay table

5. MINISO Trapezoidal Shelving

MINISO Trapezoidal Shelving is a kind of POP system. It can be combined with four units at will and set in everywhere you like. The assembling can be easily finished and having a strong and durable structure, with a large capacity. It is designed with Trapezoidal shape, which make it elegant and beautiful.

MINISO Trapezoidal Shelving

6. Other MINISO Excellent Display Rack and Accessories

MINISO Display system

Hshelf is always committed to optimize in-store retail and display solutions. All the excellent MINISO style shelving and racks can be obtained from us, which will definitely make your store shinning and attractive.


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