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The supermarket of type article analysis

by:Hshelf     2020-05-24
Supermarkets in general from the point of view using the form of hanging, basic is divided into hanging and stick type two kinds. But in order to adapt to the supermarket sales and promotion of changeable rapidity, so hang now stick type is very rare now. Article stick type of hang is hanging on the back of the top is to use strong adhesive in places such as shelves, mobile, and repeated utilization rate is low, so is now almost eliminated. But it must be used in other places, such as family daily use hanging keys or hang a few small adorn article, such as usual don't need to often move, so you can use the glue type hanging bar. The use of the supermarket is mostly, hook type of article, can be directly article will hang hang on supermarket shelves, etc. And hang a hook above can also be customized for 6 - commonly 15 or so, of course, this is normal use more so, in fact, the open long article received hang order from three link to the article 38 hook hang we all produced, this depends on the actual situation.
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