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Drug pharmacy shelves display these rules you know _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-26
Drug pharmacy shelves display these rules you know? Although retail drugstore like convenience store is small compared with the convenience store, pharmacy sales of drugs have appropriate treatment effect, need to ensure the safety. When making a pharmacy shelves so there are more questions to consider. Goods shelves of convenience stores in general is seamless standard, and pharmacy because the state drug regulatory department has clearly stipulated the four separate standards, in order to prevent one wrong medicine drugs or employees, customers usually drugs. The seamless display standard. Under the drugstore shelves manufacturer to give you a brief statement, about drugs display rules: 1, four separate display put on drugstore shelves of goods on display, pay attention to the drug and non-drug to separation, prescription and over-the-counter drugs, medicine and external use, changing medicine and drugs are usually severe space, and on this basis, also note the prescription and changing medicine necessary closed cabinets for sale. 2, system displays a pharmacy in four separate under the guidance of the principles, the display of drugs and necessary based on the division of human anatomy system, such as respiratory system, drug preparation, urinary system, digestive system, cardiovascular system and so on. 3, slit display a so-called seam refers to well-catalogued sold drugs for display to ensure that the drugs and drugs have a certain gap between, to prevent the different efficacy of the drug to mix together, lead to customer when the choose and buy to take the wrong medicine. 4, packaging standard distinguishing the same effect, because the agent form is not the same, Tablets, pills, water, etc. ) Due to the packaging have bottled ( Square and round bottles and flat bottles) , carton pack, bowl, etc, the packaging standard difference is big. When the display type or category of particularly important. Medicine is different from ordinary commodities, if do not pay attention to the little mistake may bring irreparable loss, so for the display of the drug must be careful, pay attention to in accordance with the above the drugstore shelves display rules, responsible to the customer at the same time is also responsible for yourself. What relevant article recommended good pharmacy shelves, how should choose? What kind of pharmacy shelves are there? Drugstore shelves display technique, how to do a pharmacy shelves display
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