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During the life of the shelves problems? _【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-21
Q: shelves problems during use, the first time how should handle? A: shelves problems during use? Guangzhou Hshelf shelves manufacturer to explain for everybody: divided into supermarket shelves and storage shelves, the problem is not the same as they, one by one to answer questions below. Supermarket shelves in use problems are mostly during deformation and rusty problem, for that matter, main is our supermarket shelves of choose and buy quality has a problem. So when we found the problem the first time, will be looking for our suppliers to talk things over solve. If because I placed the overweight goods problems and make our shelves, want to assume responsibility, if there is a deformation rusty situation, let's remedy depends, in severe cases, the first time change shelves, antirust processing is not serious. During the life of the storage shelves the problem basically is the impact and placement overweight goods shelves deformation. So let's in use process we will strictly according to the placement of the bearing capacity of shelves, forklifts strict control in the process of marching speed, if the first time found the problem, must carry on the warehouse shelves to replace. If deformation is not serious case, must reduce the weight of the goods, check solid pieces of shelves and beam, found the problem the first time for reinforcement replacement. Warehouse shelves than supermarket shelves, if it is easy to collapse, causing casualties accident, so the first time found that the problem will solve in time, don't delay. Well, above is guangzhou Hshelf shelves manufacturers to introduce the problems during use, should be how to deal with the first time, the hope can help you.
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