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Factory production of attic shelves and application

by:Hshelf     2020-05-26
Factory production of attic shelves and shelves factory production of attic shelves and application factory production of attic shelf is also known as storage shelves, loft-style shelves, attic type. Attic shelves are usually made of medium or heavy shelves as the main body and floor panels. According to the shelf unit load weight per unit area to choose what kind of shelves. Attic shelves usually adopt the pattern steel, steel grille, cold-rolled steel as the floor panel. Attic shelves generally do two to three layers, place appropriate access light items. Multi-tier rack is suitable for small batch more varieties and many kinds of goods in bulk. Items are usually made of cargo lift, lifting platform, to the second floor, or three layers, with a trolley to cattle, tools such as to the specific location. The attic shelf height for 2. 0m— 2. 7m。 Usually in the unit the shelves on each floor load of 500 kg within. Attic shelves is a simple shelf make full use of space. In the existing shelf is built on the work site or a middle attic in order to increase the area of the store. In general can be put on the attic floor light bubble and small and medium-sized pieces of goods or goods shelf life long, usable forklift, conveyor, hoist, electric hoist and lifting platform promotion goods. The attic typically USES light car traction trolley or tray
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