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Fruit shop decoration rendering and fruit store decoration skills _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-23
Fruit shop can be seen everywhere, and everyone can eat fresh fruit every day in order to choose to the fruit shop to buy. For the fruit shop decoration is also a face. So you know what methods of fruit shop decoration? A lot of people don't know! Fruit shop decoration drawings ( 1) Advertising planning: store ads to cause attention, must be in the form of concise, novel style, harmonious color, raised their own image, otherwise, will be ignored by consumers. ( 2) Planning: the ceiling above the ceiling hanging some plastic green branches and leaves and false fruit, convex fruit shop of natural, green, healthy concept. Light main trunk fruit natural luster, choose high brightness of the fluorescent lamp is better, not glorious deviation on the subject. By eating more fruit is good for health, green health every day slogan hanging flags, increase the atmosphere. ( 3) Layout: the simple said, lively and fruit store to decorate concise, give priority to with green wait for cool color. Export and import, to guide the customers purchasing route. Payments and weight house apart, also save time of payment. Don't let customer wait for more than 3 minutes, otherwise the customer will bother. Place on both sides of the door can be equipped with a mirror, make the fruit shop looks more varieties of various, full of beautiful things in eyes, very attractive. ( 4) Fruit rack design: good waterproof function. Fruit fresh keeping, often need to sprinkler, if is a wooden shelf will rot. Fruit easily, bruised fruit shelves can not have edges and corners. Colourful dress the edges of the fruit cannot be too high to just highly advisable that the next layer of apple. ( 5) Design: fruit name signs, price tickets, regional signs, light boxes, smallpox, metope colour ( Hung flags and green natural decoration) After and so on all need to open a shop before the system design, in order to avoid the controls. Fruit rack relevant article recommended fruit common way of nine error display customized fruit air curtain cabinet matters need to pay attention to the supermarket to live fresh fruit display
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