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How to choose the small supermarket shelves in guangzhou? _【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-17
Q: how to choose the small supermarket shelves in guangzhou? A: recently saw some friends leave a message, said that how to choose the small supermarket shelves in guangzhou, for that matter, guangzhou shelves factory small make up also mentioned in the article more, today give you make a summary: 1, small supermarket shelves don't choose the big size, generally has two or three regular size supermarket shelves, advised to choose a minimum width of that kind of, width is small, on volume is a little smaller, but for small supermarket shelves just fit. 2, small supermarket shelves can choose more delicate gangmu combination of shelves, can upgrade the whole store. 3, we are best when they are in the choice of small supermarket shelves to consult our suppliers, let them give me some advice and put skills, so that can save us much time and energy. Good the advice of the above three points is the small make up to you, as for the design and price, small make up not to give you advice, everybody, good later everyone if you have any questions and Suggestions can leave a message.
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