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How to pick fresh supermarket fresh shelves _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-19
A supermarket is the most difficult to solve is the fresh area, before decorate fresh area except to solve location and select fresh shelves. Fresh shelves for fresh goods are put on display, there are strict in quality, style, material requirements. Do you know how to pick fresh shelves? Fresh shelves manufacturers - — 【 HuiCheng shelf 】 To tell you. The first shelf of the selection of materials is one of the pivotal factors to determine the quality fit and unfit quality, should be strictly contrast when buying shelf material selection of materials, generally good fresh shelves in the use of steel thickness will be more bad of the shelf to thicker, shelves selection of the materials good not only service life is long on the factor of safety is guaranteed at the same time. Secondly, different size of the shelves to put fresh has the corresponding maximum weight, to put a few cooked food, fresh meat, fruit and vegetables heavier fresh items, such as, should choose bigger shelf bearing capacity. Fresh shelves usually according to different purposes and the size design the appropriate size, for example in large fresh supermarket should choose larger size and functional allocation complete shelves, so looking for products in place and can search according to the classification label, so in the choose and buy should be according to the size of space of inside the supermarket, and put the position to pick out the most suitable raw shelves.
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