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Leisure food supermarket how to select the high-quality goods shelves _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-23
While there are many in the market prospects look very good leisure food supermarket, but if you don't blindly into a little knowledge for this industry, don't do your homework in advance may inadvertently will be at a loss of that fate. Especially for supermarkets and supermarket shelves, the choice of location and storefront fitment any link problems can cause certain economic loss, then to tell the high-quality goods shelves to choose direction: 1, high-quality goods shelves should choose width smaller can make between the shelves and shelves of a little bit wider channel, also convenient customer traffic or crouch down to check the goods, give customers a better shopping experience, to make the customer a better impression to the store. 2, boutique supermarket area is usually not too big, if the shelf width smaller choice, so in the high-quality goods shelf layout, you can put a few groups more shelves within the store, thus increasing the goods put type, make the high-quality goods of commodities in the supermarket type is relatively rich. And from a certain extent, increase in gold display area by the number of varieties, commodity marketing effect. 3, shelves, display effect is each store need to consider the problem, and boutique supermarket shelves display goods demand is neat and beautiful. How can be tidy and beautiful? This will ensure that products on supermarket shelves commodity put, angled to row shows the effect of 'full'. Leisure food supermarket is different from commodity comprehensive supermarket, the number of goods is not so much, so use layer board relatively wide shelves for goods display is very difficult to achieve full effect, and the use of less layer board shelf can well solve the problem. And it also can reduce the number of goods procurement and inventory investment, aeriform in improving the efficiency of the turnover of stores. Relevant article recommended boutique supermarket shelves have what characteristic high-quality goods supermarket shelves how many money? 2019 all in open boutique supermarket!
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