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The present situation of the commercial shelves

by:Hshelf     2020-06-03
Introduction: supermarket shelves have been unknown in doing their homework, to help you manage those requirements we tidy up all kinds of goods. Although people all go to the supermarket is not how to attach importance to the supermarket shelves, but the people really attaches great importance to the supermarket. Tough on the meaning of the supermarket shelves determines this supermarket is worth everybody presence.

as the stable improvement of our living standard, now also in further improving per capita consumption ability, can be seen from our daily living standards, consumer spending is higher and higher, the supermarket has now is no longer a difficult task. Even before buy thing to run to the place to buy, but now the supermarket all over the street, no matter big supermarket, all kinds of small supermarket goods full of beautiful things in eyes, so supermarket shelves in guangzhou is becoming more and more diversified.

with the rapid development of science and technology, guangzhou supermarket shelves equipment application is more and more widely, the supermarket shelves equipment industry in our country also benefit from the growing market specifications, I believe you understanding of supermarket shelves equipment is not strange, then, prospects of the development of supermarket shelves equipment?

there are constantly improve the level of consumption, there are more and more people for business super selective personality put, convenient shopping environment becomes the modern pursuit of fashion, it is the diversity of supermarket shelves with pressing needs, supermarket shelves equipment as the main production of supermarket shelves, also need to constantly update their production technology and product variety, to meet the growing demand. It can meet the production demands of people. Even so, guangzhou supermarket shelves are still has some problems. Only to face these problems, then solve these problems, to help the supermarket shelf equipment industry more healthy development.

from the point of market analysis, problem of supermarket shelves equipment at present in our country is: the capacity for independent innovation is weak, lack of r&d, common key components and technology development lag; Supermarket shelves equipment market competitiveness is not strong, advanced technology and high-end equipment imports to effectively change the passive situation of failed to; Supermarket shelves equipment industry growth mode is relatively extensive, production efficiency and management benefit compared with industrialized countries gap is obvious; Modern industry system has not yet formed, economic and manufacturing services with products economic imbalance; Industry internationalization level needs further improve, the use of global resources and industry in the discourse and power does not match, etc.

the most effective way to solve the above problem is to speed up the pace of transformation and upgrading of guangzhou supermarket shelves equipment industry, improve the independent innovation ability, enhance core competitiveness, improve the level of opening to the outside world, the international competition.

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