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The supermarket how to meet the emotional needs of the customers

by:Hshelf     2020-06-12
Don't know whether you have felt the change of the supermarket, you may be in a local small supermarket did not feel too much, but you're a bear walked into the supermarket enterprise run by the supermarket, you'll find, they adopted the supermarket shelves are almost by & middot; Before the use of performance slowly in the excessive into interactive, this also is a developing trend of retail industry. This is also a supermarket culture connotation expansion and development, for example in the supermarket launch leisure bookstore, fish fun new concept. Also can let people accompanied in the supermarket has a place for leisure, can better increase customer dependence on the supermarket, the supermarket shelves in the need to play the usefulness of the infinite and the bigger, can make people feel very individual character and worthy of attention, and again into purchasing power. For such a situation, main or hesitation caused by several factors, one is the phenomenon of homogeneity and the rectification stage of the supermarket and that some have personalized supermarket shelves is has the very good reverse change; The second is the change of consumer demand, become more attention to the process of consumption, this also needs to meet the emotional needs of customers.
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