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The supermarket industry project differentiate themselves

by:Hshelf     2020-05-24
Because the supermarket profession competition drastically, supermarket management project, items are gradually taking the path of differentiation trend. Many supermarkets, bookstore, leisure fish taste, different ideas, many consumers feel refreshing. Let's think, supermarket profession intrinsic growing, from practical, gradually into the interactive transition, it is also a retail career development trend, the supermarket company hope through this way to satisfied consumers shopping needs. Recently, some do bookstore in the store, supermarket attracted many customers come to watch, procurement. During which a large part of the male consumers. Accompany them to shopping but don't want to the supermarket, measure these customers to be able to read while waiting there, etc. , from the point of the current sale, popular books and travel books more welcome by customers. Some supermarkets in a corner of the store open flower horticulture sector. The seed, soil fertilizer and so on goods sold in supermarket shelves, and shovel, plastic flower POTS and other auxiliary tools. There are also many supermarkets beginning to make some forms in the category adjustment, introducing such as gardening, flower shop, bookstore, fish taste and so on business activity, let citizens feel quite characteristic, worthy, and even to buy.
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