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The use of supermarket shelves layout three ways

by:Hshelf     2020-06-05

with the popularization and development of supermarket in China, the competition is becoming more and more powerful, it is becoming more and more need to the supermarket shelves products to supermarkets such as layout, to cater to consumers' shopping psychological demand, increase the turnover.

so, perfect supermarket shelves for supermarket layout is crucial, but the layout, but not anyone can achieve for this, our company specially prepared three meal, to meet user demand for supermarket shelves of daily. 1. , lady's; So-called women's layout, the supermarket shelves for round shape and period of deployment, the supermarket shelves are arranged and check or curved Angle with each other. 2. Curve type; The placement of the irregular storage shelves, can be arbitrary arrangement and put. This way is suitable for the pursuit of personalized supermarket, to attract the interest of consumers. 3. Island type; Business occasion two head arrangement not connected to the shelves and put shelves display outside the island.

this three kinds of package is our company's many supermarkets is summarized on the basis of, without too many requirements, all can meet the needs of every colleague.

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