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Beijing electric auto show display the first production electric car logistics

by:Hshelf     2020-06-10
Beijing electric auto show before the first production electric car logistics, the first production and operation of dongfeng physical demonstration pure electric vehicle logistics in the sixth Beijing electric motor show starts, it marks the dongfeng wagon company in research and development of new energy vehicles and industrialization road and took a new step. Learned, dongfeng electric city car logistics mainly according to the characteristics of the urban logistics, express, fast to send, combining with the standards and standards of electric vehicles, use a light, quick, safe and economic design idea, and a collection of dongfeng company and scientific research institutions, institutions of higher learning strength, joint research and development.

the vehicle for 33 items of technical innovation, over 30000 kilometers of the working condition of simulated test and verify reliability test, and achieved the state of the public announcement. Dongfeng wagon company general manager Zhu Wencan said in an interview, electric car logistics as one of the important means of production, low emissions, low energy consumption, low noise, has the very good use of economy, environmental protection, safety and reliability, thus has a broad market space.

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dongfeng physical all-electric car logistics successfully trial-produced

2010 - March 1

recently, dongfeng wagon company 'dongfeng' physical 'pure electric car logistics successfully trial-produced, this is the' dongfeng 'physical' pure electric city buses, city commercial passenger cars, dongfeng wagon company target market and a new electric product, marked the dongfeng wagon company in research and development of new energy vehicles to develop in the direction of high-end logistics market. On February 9, a European customers made a special trip to the east station wagon company has carried on the examination to the car.

the dongfeng wagon company through the collection of advantages of resources in the field of electric, electric industries' definition of pure electric vehicle logistics experts and scholars to discuss, and determined the development goals. Use of dongfeng wagon company technical advantage in pure electric vehicles and heavy accumulation of experience, and the supporting manufacturers work together, from product definition, design, production to the vehicle loading, in just 40 days, a logistics according to market demand, meet the European standard of 'dongfeng physical' pure electric vehicle logistics car successfully trial-produced.

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