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Double the development and application of shelves

by:Hshelf     2020-06-05
Abstract: the design of the supermarket shelves should guarantee the goods display shelves have the appropriate size and space, make the goods can effectively demonstrate its decorate level to arrange the different varieties, vertically to show the same varieties of different specifications and grades. Proper space for the goods not only vertically, and provide convenience for salesman shelves, loaning, clean.

supermarket shelves development from abroad, he has an English name is The supermarket shelves, but with The improvement of people's living standard in our country, The supermarket industry is unusually hot, it has largely replaced our traditional grocery store, become The main place of people shopping. The development of the supermarket also lead to the development of the supermarket shelves.

the present situation shelf industry structure, production enterprise of guangzhou supermarket shelves or more. Supermarket stores is the largest investment in the hardware investment, set up shop in the shelves of the hardware investment amount is often more than 50%, the other for hot and cold tank, lights, supermarket cart and checkout equipment. Supermarket stores is a low profit industry, average profit is eight 20%, so saving hardware investment development more stores, more than the size of the stores a negative cash flow rapid expansion to improve the total profit is the ultimate purpose of supermarket profits and direction.

however, because for a long time, due to the warehouse, logistics is higher, the required storage shelves profits from our guangzhou supermarket shelves enterprises in improving the technology content of storage shelves would put on manpower, financial resources are much bigger, so that guangzhou supermarket shelves competition still stay in the low price competition, often only on how to reduce the cost. The severity of market competition make the part shelf factory by saving material or with substandard materials to save costs, caused the supermarket shelves in guangzhou market is filled with a lot of inferior goods shelves, so it is not conducive to business super shelves industry healthy development. The main cause of business super shelves malignant price competition or product homogeneity serious, makes the manufacturer can only gain a competitive advantage from the cost. Guangzhou supermarket shelves, we think, enterprises should set out from the merchant's business philosophy to the characteristics of the design can meet the demand of business products. According to different types of businesses shelf factory can design different shelves, new, supermarket shelves for guangzhou inject more elements of science and technology, it can enrich super shelves product structure, for the enterprise in the industry market develop a broader heaven and earth.

guangzhou embellish of shelf co. , LTD. , as the nation's largest shelf manufacturer, the company attaches great importance to the early stage of the shelves of research and development and design, especially for the design of the storage shelves. Company specially set up its own research and development team, in line with & other The customer is supreme, the concept of service for customers throughout the &; 。 High-quality goods for customers to build each storage shelves product.
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