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Teach you how to choose the supermarket fruit rack _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-19
Choose fruit supermarket rack should pay attention to what issues? Guangzhou Hshelf method to teach you the choose and buy fruit shelves of fruit and vegetable. 1, choose fruit the size of the fruit the height of the shelf with 1 commonly. 5 meters to 1. 8 meters height is better, too little and too much is not easy to customers choose and buy fruit; Another is the width, the width of choice to ensure the store can put the fruit of frame number and the width of the shopping channel, too wide fruit and vegetable stand against the customer take fruit, and suggested that width is 350 mm Between 800 mm. The material of 2, fruit shelves can choose fruit shelves have two kinds of main material, wood and steel can need according to their own stores to choose the appropriate materials. 3, shelf color choices fruit rack structure of color can choose grey or heavier colors such as black, brown, and turnover basket and fruit baskets can choose bright green or black, can also according to the fruit color to choose suitable fruit basket and turnover box. 4, fruit is pile head is suitable for the selection of the pile head placed some cheap seasonal fruits, improve sales quota, attract buying sentiment, in the majority with square, can proper configuration 1 - 2. If you are interested in fruit shelves of information, you can go to guangzhou Hshelf see website frame images of fruit and fruit shelves the information such as the structure, the price of fruit and vegetable rack. Relevant article recommended fruit size what, what are the skills of choose and buy? Fruit stand where to have sell? Fruit common way of nine error display
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