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The aisle of the store business hall is decorated

by:Hshelf     2020-06-03
By the aisle of the store business hall is decorated according to its nature of commodity points are: isolation type, half isolation type, such as open and hybrid four forms. 1. Isolation type sale container, display shelves on the wall or surrounding pillars into a closed form layout. Due to the display of tank, rack co. , LTD. Only by the salesman for customers to choose goods. Such as clocks and watches, jewelry, glasses, confectionery, medicine and other precious goods counters generally adopt this kind of decorate a form. 2. Isolation type display shelves in the half open sales flat, vending refused to seal island type layout, merchandise display and relatively isolated type for big, customers have a month amount from the mountain to choose goods. Bookstore, cultural articles, and general merchandise store layout more using this form. 3. Open the sale of container, display shelves are not surround the sealing. In the face of customer open arrangement, commodity display surface. Customers typically take & other; Self-service & throughout; Direct contact with the goods. Silk shops, supermarket layout in this form. 4. Hybrid is a mixture of several forms above arrangement, with all kinds of arrangement. Large department store, comprehensive shopping malls and various forms of exhibition arrangement in this form.
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