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by:Hshelf     2020-06-25
Guangzhou convenience store shelves mainly with single and double sided shelves and side frame, the single side shelf is placed against the wall, double side shelf is placed in the middle of the room, side frame is put in front of the shelves, if the single shelf, double-sided shelves and side frame plan layout? 1, the width of the single shelf choose convenience store shelves, and supermarket shelves of the main difference is the difference of size, of course, the supermarket shelves of the bearing capacity is also a bit more, because the amount and type of store display more. So the size of the convenience store shelves single-sided and double-sided choose how many appropriate? For now the convenience store industry trends, the width of the shelf size is more and more narrow, with convenience store general category of goods size to determine the width of the shelves, for example, the diameter of a barrel of oil, the two bags of the thickness, the width of the whole case of wine, etc. Now convenience store shelf width is given priority to with 350 mm and 450 mm, the width of the island shelf is given priority to with 700 mm and 900 mm, is considering the biggest commodity display may need to size. 2, the combination of the combined form of single shelves shelves form refers to according to the size and shape of the stores, in order to show the product needs and set up and customer use a line, the purpose of the shelves need to make sure that each set of session and end Settings, promotion table Settings, and so on. Of layout design considering the convenience store shelves number and the number of end of day, the number of scientific and reasonable to ensure that stores the variety of goods, can meet the needs of the sales, if not a combined form of the rational allocation of shelves, could cause store space waste, lead to less items, increase the risk of opportunity loss. 3, reasonable decorate the cashier to prepare for the layout of the convenience store shelves, for convenience store cashier position can ensure convenience store shelf arrangement more reasonable, so in choosing a single-sided and double-sided convenience store shelves, first to determine the position and size of the counter. Where there is relevant article recommended guangzhou common convenience store shelves selling convenience store shelves display put what convenience store shelves in spring and summer how to adjust to better sell goods?
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