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The difference between Suzhou shelves and foreign shelves

by:Hshelf     2020-01-11

Suzhou shelves look similar in appearance, so many people may think that the shelves are no different. But in fact, there are many differences between Suzhou shelves. Just some subtle, or not too important difference. Today, we will talk about the difference between Suzhou shelves and foreign Hshelf Shop Shelving.

1. Different structural designs:

in foreign countries, there are many cases of overall welding of shelf columns, although it will lead to an increase in transportation costs, however, the column does not need to be assembled on site, thus saving a lot of labor costs. The shelves produced in the United States are mainly practical and do not consider aesthetics.

In Suzhou, generally not beautiful Suzhou shelves, customers are not easy to accept, most people like the whole column up and down. The result of pursuing beauty is to waste a lot of steel. Originally, the top of the shelf did not need such a large cross section. As a result, considering the aesthetic factors, a lot of steel was used.

II. Differences in surface treatment of Hshelf Shop Shelving in Dongguan:

In Suzhou, most of the storage shelves use electrostatic plastic spraying, however, some foreign enterprises usually use the surface treatment method of baking varnish.

3. High degree of standardization

in foreign countries, almost all shelf holes are versatile, which is convenient for the purchase of replacement parts. However, there are many enterprises in Suzhou that have different pass types and cannot be matched, among which there are many subtle differences and the matching performance still needs to be improved.

The above is an introduction to the difference between Suzhou shelves and foreign shelves, hoping to help everyone better understand the shelves at home and abroad. It can be seen that there are still some differences in the shelves produced in different countries, so you should choose according to your own needs. If you have the purchase intention of Suzhou shelf, please contact: Suzhou Huanshi shelf Co. , Ltd

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