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The supermarket shelves parts is also very important

by:Hshelf     2020-05-16
As is known to all, supermarket shelves for supermarkets, stores, etc, are an indispensable important for display props, and good supermarket shelves and attract customers, help improve products sales; But everybody in the notice of the supermarket use accessories supermarket shelves, actually these parts are also very important, to make the supermarket shelves to achieve a better effect, just the simple framework is not enough, and these parts play a role is to make the supermarket shelves display show better and better. 1. Side box: configuration on both sides of the end frame, and can prevent the goods drop, some with card slot, can be placed billboards; 2. Price ticket: can you identify the prices of the goods; 3. Fence: set in the front of the shelf layer board, also can prevent the goods fall, price ticket can clip inside the fence; 4. Hook: can display shelves layer board boxes of goods, but not necessarily convenient packaged goods, use the hook can solve the problem of packaged goods display; 5. The location of the AD box: set at the top of the shelf, can decorate a billboard or logo signs, guide for customers; The supermarket shelves accessories although there is no supermarket shelves in size, but its importance is better than small supermarket shelves.
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