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Three buyers purchase supermarket shelves most concern!

by:Hshelf     2020-05-15
Introduction: procurement principles of shelves can be from three aspects, first is style, followed by the quality of the shelves and life, what is the most appropriate oneself, the last is the shelf price, believe that is what people care about most.

shelves procurement principles can be from three aspects, first is style, followed by the quality of the shelves and life, what is the most appropriate oneself, the last is the shelf price, believe that is what people care about most. A supermarket shelves procurement principle: design style shelves manufacturers generally 2 & ndash; — 3 years will launch the new supermarket shelves and shelves of the accessories, the new supermarket shelves is based on the needs of market development, shelf structure more simple, convenient disassembly, pole pitch is more dense, suitable for the display of goods, shelf parts more choices, more professional. New style of supermarket shelves, will bring new sense to consumers, supermarkets face will look brand-new. Recently opened a high-end supermarket in hangzhou, the design of shelf is n years ago, a couple of square tube welding shelves seem crude disorderly, heavy structure, refined decoration, and high-end supermarket high-grade goods. Consumer demand for quality of life more and more high, the consumer's overall consumption patterns from past & other; A bargain & throughout; “ Austerity & throughout; Development to today & other; Personality shopping & throughout; “ Healthy shopping & throughout; “ Happy shopping & throughout; That & other; Enjoy shopping & throughout; “ Experience shopping & throughout; “ Feel the shopping & throughout; The height of the. Space, comfortable environment, has become a consumer choose shopping conditions, the new style of the pleasing to the eye, the shelves of fine is also part of the shopping environment? Supermarket shelves procurement principle 2: better quality, longer service life quality good quality shelf is made of high quality steel products, sophisticated technology, surface spraying plastic powder is smooth, reasonable design, use fixed number of year in 5 & ndash; — 8 years; Inferior goods shelves made of steel strip compared commonly coarse, surface paint spraying, use fixed number of year in 2 & ndash; — Three years is worn out. Generally of supermarket in five years or so has to be replaced, because the supermarket shelves after long time use steel produced & other Fatigue & throughout; , in the process of often remove the shelf structure is no longer as strong as new, crowded place as supermarket, safety, replace the new shelf is taken for granted. Supermarket operator for a long time to consider when purchasing supermarket shelves shelf life, shelf will not repeat investment, change a shelves need 10 & ndash; — 15 days, goods damage, affect the normal business of the supermarket. Supermarket shelves procurement principle 3: shelves supermarket shelves price cannot treat as the same price, because want to consider the material, style and size of the shelves. Such as convenient supermarket use of two kinds of material & ndash; — Steel and steel wood shelves, including steel shelves relatively affordable price, but beautiful sex; Steel shelves and beautiful high-end, but the price is high. Although not directly on supermarket shelves quotation, but for now on market shelves sales situation, the price of a set of single shelves in about 170 ~ 300 yuan/set, double-sided shelf price is about 220 ~ 450 yuan/set. If you want to know more detailed price, shop floor plan can be provided to embellish of shelves, we have professional designers for your supermarket shelves free of the layout design, give accurate quotation according to your choice. Contact phone number: 18680261293 cao ling
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