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by:Hshelf     2020-06-21
High-quality goods of supermarket shelves put layout to adjust different layout according to management content, when decorate to retain some room in order to have a need to adjust. How to achieve the best boutique display effect? In the high-quality goods in the layout of the supermarket shelves, the decoration of the goods is also an university asked. 1, put boutique supermarket shelves is important to note that while every square metre to reach 11 to 12 varieties of display, because boutique supermarket shelves each lattice display at least three varieties. And the current widespread use of supermarket shelves display high 165 - 250 cm long, 90 - 200 centimeters, the supermarket shelves on the best display section is in between the segment and middle grade. 2, put the high-quality goods in the supermarket, supermarket shelves at the same time, it is important to note the supermarket shelf display of the other two paragraph, in general, the top usually display need to recommend commodities, goods is usually lower sales cycle into recession, the second and the third layer, is the most easy to see the eyes and the location of the goods. Therefore, at this time put boutique supermarket shelves display gold line height is in commonly 85 - 120 cm is better. 3, the distance between the high-quality goods of supermarket shelves should ensure traffic unobstructed, stick a wall against the door set small shop goods rack is not a problem, large grocery stores, department stores, clothing stores, etc. , will be formed according to the size of the stores of the volume of traffic, operating varieties to measure the reasonable distance, general said main should be in 1. 6 to 4. 5 meters, between times channel also shall not be less than 1. 2 - 2 meters between. Boutique supermarket shelves relevant article recommended boutique supermarket shelves have what characteristic high-quality goods supermarket shelves how many money? Boutique wholesale supermarket shelves preferred manufacturers
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