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Double sided shelves display of the best skills and basic knowledge

by:Hshelf     2020-06-05
Summary: as the stable improvement of our living standard, now also in further improving per capita consumption ability, can be seen from our daily living standards, consumer spending is higher and higher, the supermarket has now is no longer a difficult task. Even before buy thing to run to the place to buy, but now the supermarket all over the street, no matter big supermarket, small supermarket commodities Lin

supermarket shelves have been unknown in doing their homework, to help you manage the needs you to pick up all kinds of goods. Although people all go to the supermarket is not how to attach importance to the supermarket shelves, but the people really attaches great importance to the supermarket. Tough on the meaning of the supermarket shelves determines this supermarket is worth everybody presence. Supermarket shelves display effect is very important, a successful supermarket, essential trick that's display shelves, a comfortable goods put the visual impact, can definitely promote consumer purchasing desire, so ray remember today shenzhen shelf factory bring supermarket shelves display basic knowledge and skills. A, the importance of the display in the supermarket business, display is an important technique, by displaying technique, goods can be attractive to show in front of the customer's eyes, arouse the desire to buy customers. In addition, the supermarket chain management implementation, also can borrow display method to make the overall image tend to be unified, and make the management of standardization. Second, the basic tools for the display ( A) Supermarket shelves of the combined with removable steel shelves is given priority to, can be divided into height 135 cm, 152 cm, 165 cm, 180 cm, length 90 cm, 120 cm, etc as the most commonly used specifications, as to use what kind of specifications of the shelves, the stores of the company on the present situation of design concept and markets. In general, the higher shelf, can display more items of goods, but goods attrition rate will be higher; While using low shelves, vision is relatively good, and less pressure. ( 2) Isolate material content board moderators if used to separate the two kinds of different goods, to avoid confusion. The manufacturer's production of insulation board has two, for a kind of acrylic board, a stainless steel plate; And in the choice of length, usually on the shelf period of use more low and short across the board, under the shelf period of use higher and more long across the board. ( 3) Extender column to avoid customers fail to break when the choose and buy some breakable, damage or loss, the benefit in the supermarket, shed board front and guardrail, strictly speaking, guardrail is not absolutely necessary, but for the high price or fragile goods, plus the guardrail, with a sense of security. ( 4) Counter to avoid direct contact with the ground be affected with damp be affected with damp goods, and must use the platen pad in the lowest layer, bedplate had better use wooden specifications for square, can also according to the site required any combination, is more ideal. ( 5) End in the forefront of the whole row of shelves and finally end, also is to use a line bends, set the shelves that is called the end of the frame. Is customers in stores migration through the highest frequency, is also the best display position. ( 6) Price of goods price and location management, to mark if supermarket use eos orders, price card application more convenient. Price card is normally to computer print out. Contents include the number, bar code, price of commodity, number of row of, often within the goods display shelves groove, unless commodity configuration change, otherwise the price card does not move. Price card can also be complementary with color management, so as to distinguish between stock inventory and no inventory, orders, inventory more quickly. Supermarket shelves display technique 1, near the entrance line main channel, the left side shelf inside the food section ( The kitchen, tableware and other products) Customers passing rate is relatively low. Best to play near the tableware, POTS and other kitchen supplies the adjustment to the stores in the side near the main channel. Is adjusted to the near side of the main channel to buy near high frequency of consumables, make a lot of main channel customers can see through the side. In addition, the other purchase frequency is higher in the food area such as toilet paper, detergent, toothpaste, shampoo, skin care products, cling film and other consumables, should also try to configuration on both ends of the shelves near Taiwan and in the side of the main channel, to effectively induce customers into vice pathway, improve the passing rate. The food section pass rate is low, in addition to position reason, more mainly lies in: commodity items varieties, monotonous, repetitive phenomenon is very serious. 2, how to improve the passing rate of middle shelf area and retention rate? This is the domestic and foreign many supermarkets are faced with the problem. Empirical analysis proves that the key lies in the merchandising shelf end frame, content and way of goods on display. But in reality, most of the current domestic supermarkets sold the frame without thinking of the end, but at a loss what to do on shelves in the overall sales promotion. You know, the main purpose of the side frame display is to attract customers in main channel. Customers interested in end frame goods will stay, and then see the goods shelves. End frame, therefore, should be displayed best-selling products, sale of goods, seasonal commodities, PB, etc. , each side rack up display items 1 ~ 3, and to a large display, to attract customers. In addition, the end frame display goods are not necessarily associated with shelf area commodity, food OuDeDuan can display the food, the food OuDeDuan frame can also be displayed. More than 20 years, we always adhere to the first-class service, first-class quality to meet the requirements of different customers.
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