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How to clean stainless steel raw shelves _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-25
Steel-wood fresh supermarket shelves forming process all adopt the automation program is running, almost do not need artificial, and production speed, beautiful molding products have great ascension. Steel wood raw shelves in put before put to plan as a whole. Supermarket in front of the display shelves according to the size of the space, layout, and type and quantity of the goods to the shelves to put the whole layout. According to the variety of goods to stop partition, for example, food, cooked food, fruits, drinks, etc. First of all, steel-wood fresh shelves put should fit on 'small big, light under heavy' rules. , when goods shelves, shelves should be put above the light weight, small volume of goods and shelves should be put under the weight of heavy, bulky goods, the balance of this was partly in order to maintain the shelves, the shelves, such as easy to tilt, flopping, at the same time, this plan also fit people's visual habits and aesthetic norms. Then, steel wood raw shelves put want to distinguish the goods of the primary and secondary. Steel raw shelves ordinary have 5 layers, from the top of the number 1, 2, 3 layer is the consumer easy to notice when shopping, and under the two layers of how ordinary people don't pay attention to, so the supermarket put in goods, the main commodities or activities to put on the shelf layer is pay attention to, creating priorities. Hierarchical display, combination disassembling structure, lunch is simple, easy to move. Is these are the advantages of steel raw shelves, but steel raw shelves to further opening up of steel and wood raw shelves of the market, must want to methods to design more beautiful, more lunch, to cheap, show good effect of steel and wood raw shelves. Strengthening of steel and wood raw shelf stability. Steel raw shelves: particularly convenient to install, but the stability of the rack is a problem, usually a row of steel raw link shelf stability is very good, a separate place in that stability is poorer, steel wood raw shelf factory to stability from the above efforts, more solid solid frame designed. Relevant article recommended how to pick fresh fresh supermarket shelves fresh factory for you to explain: fresh items on display skills fresh shelf space how old do right?
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