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How to display the supermarket shelves? The ten need _ 【 attention at eight o 'clock Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-22
Supermarket shelves display problem has always been a difficulty in supermarket operator, guangzhou Hshelf shelves today manufacturer was detailed to introduce the following ten at eight o 'clock, hope to bring you some help. 1, all the goods, and layer board between width and height to maintain high excess air; 2, a pile head is displayed on a single product, more than two, and low price products on display in the front; 3, pile head display should be about 1. 4 meters high, between, in the lower; 4, is brand goods, color depth, the price is low, the principle of the same series products from top to bottom, from left to right, display; 5, commodities, forwards, display neat, cargo enough plump; 6, pile head according to the original N framework; 7 mark temporarily out of stock, out of stock items to label, and indicating the date of out of stock and delivery time; Eight, can not have already expired items; 9, shortage of space, cannot use other commodities filled; 10, determine the goods, goods display, modification, will not be accepted if there are special circumstances, shall be signed by the manager agreed to rectify; 11, the item of the goods, at least 18 cm - 20cm; 12, must conform to the supermarket shelves product classification according to the principle of; 13, shelves, must conform to the principle of product classification show; 14, on sale is due to meet the special needs of customers and sales shelf display of goods, as the goods shelves, pile head; 15, in the season of selling goods, goods, favorable price, high profit margin; 16, clearance, negative gross margin commodities for pile head display; 17, pile head display commodities have card board ( At the bottom of the pallet) Rather than direct contact with the ground; 18, pile head shows that the goods shall be subject to card board, beyond the size. Relevant article recommended small supermarket shelves display technique and strategy research supermarket display five small coup, make you clear the inventory of goods on display in cent cent 23 other formula, recommended collection!
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