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How to improve the value of store shelves

by:Hshelf     2020-06-01
The average in the domestic each big supermarket shelves height is 2. 2 m ~ 2。 5 m, for the normal sales row of the above layer board ( Here is called the TOP) How to use, is each enterprise of China are considering. According to oneself circumstance to develop some standards for reference, supermarket shelves here to share with you, hope can bring some help. Guangdong supermarket shelves analysis that under normal circumstances, to store the corresponding row of surface display of goods, no specific standards. I wonder if your business is also like this? Box placed without rules, the height is too high, there is the personal safety hidden trouble, Employees, customers) 。 And many enterprises has not been equipped with sufficient high ladder and helmets and other facilities, safety concerns have been accompany in side. Actual inventory, but difficult to find the corresponding products. Example case analysis of supermarket shelves of the following: (1) when the customers to buy, has the sense of responsibility of employees to make sure that the system inventory, if you have, she will be hard to find, when I couldn't find finally tell customers & other; I'm sorry, sold out & throughout; 。 Lead to the loss of sales opportunities. Example (2) when found on line is not available on the TOP to find, when can't find the place an order. Lead to inventory. Affect the whole image of the store ( Customer will think: & other; How it so messy? ” ) From the Angle of the stock, as a direct result of ineffective inventory, inventory data is not accurate. When we went to supermarket shopping, if a little attention, may notice & other; The original TOP can use it this way & throughout; 。 Supermarket shelves slightly arrange, here to share with you. Certainly has its advantages and disadvantages of the various standards, simply follow may reach the expected effect. Enterprises should consider their own, specify appropriate standards. Suggest that, in principle, should consider the following: (1) operability (2) the effective use of space (3) store image.
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