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Large comprehensive supermarket store shelves to put life on display figure _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-17
Large comprehensive supermarket life most of the design of the input is in creating a 'city market, make it become the core of the supermarket and the main service node. This is by a 'wine cellars' as the prototype, to guide shoppers to enter the market through the store space. At this point of each service provides its own look and feel, improve the use of touch. The goods of the first major differentiation, in front of the shop, shop around to the back and left hand side. Opened the larger sites like line for shoppers to create a clearer navigation. Second, we will provide all the service in the right hand side, the back of the guide to the supermarket. It developed a specific shopping nodes and ease navigation. There is a kind of mood and atmosphere, to encourage shoppers linger, take some time, in this happy shopping. The following is the Hshelf shelf 】 Provide large-scale comprehensive supermarket store shelves life figure - put on display - - - - - - Box Ma Xian raw supermarket shelves area display:
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