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Rack of design which should pay attention to details

by:Hshelf     2020-05-27
Although in many people's minds will think shelf is used to display items, as for the shelves what are the specific requirements of the design may have a lot of people haven't considered that. Qingdao shelf rack of the following will introduce the design should pay attention to what details. First, want to consider the design of shelf structure, it is best to design, from the viewpoint of users are using here, on the one hand, the shelves of design should not only achieve advanced technology, reasonable economy, but also pay attention to the use of security shelf, put into use to ensure that the shelves use quality. Second, don't blind random design shelves, to refer to some standards formulated by the state, such as shelf size tolerance, shelf deformation gap and what are the requirements, etc. Third, for more advanced shelves, loft-style shelves are Qingdao shelves design basis is to strictly control the shelves of sedimentation value, to ensure the normal use of shelves, especially to pay more attention about the structure of the shelves.
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