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80 square drugstore shelves installed case _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-25
The development of science and technology, created the wisdom of life, changed the way of consumption. Driven by new retail, pharmaceutical retailers also a thought from the inherent image, good as early as possible in the current market environment. Pharmacy to sell commodities such as medicine, health food, daily care is given priority to, through creating diversified marketing mode, be meet the community residents 'store' medicine and life. Below is our guangzhou Hshelf shelves co. , LTD. , a 80 square drugstore shelves installed case: door head is the first show, pharmacy image can attract customers into the store to play an important role. Blue and white collocation, bright and concise door head design, it is easy to cause the attention of the customer. General pharmacy will have five areas, respectively is: over-the-counter area ( Includes health care products and daily drug) , drugstore, Chinese traditional medicine area, area and cashier area of prescription drugs. Position is placed at the gate of several groups of double-sided drugstore shelves, used to display some health care products. And single drugstore shelves against the wall of the top also configured the advertising light box, the top position setting large billboards, used to show the discount promotion commodity information, customers into stores at a glance, more attractive. Advertising light boxes for goods display have played an important role in classification of instructions, to guide customers to find the needed goods, the faster shopping experience of ascension. It with a light box single arc display case, make health care products display more features. Even in corner position, also not forgotten by the customer, can actually make care area becomes more attractive for the illuminate of advertising light boxes, that makes people want to pay attention to is difficult. Stores image design is a typical multi functional pharmacy design patterns, not only has the conventional traditional Chinese medicine, health products, etc. , also has medicine makeup area, sales of medicine makeup commodities in recent years, to meet different needs of more customers, is worth using for reference. A new era of pharmacy, if not break through the limitations of conventional, it is difficult to have great achievements. To gain a place in the market, will try their best to meet the increasingly discerning consumers, to improve shopping environment and on display props can spend more time to upgrade.
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