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Domestic supermarket shelves gap with international standards

by:Hshelf     2020-06-03
As domestic speed boost people's standard of living, for the supermarket industry is unusually hot, in the domestic large and small towns, is almost have largely replaced the existence of a store, be the place where the people shopping, this for supermarket shelves, is an exciting time, also led to the development of a shelf products. But, in already after several years development, our supermarket shelves industry, is still no a unified standard, this factor will also affect the healthy development of Chinese supermarket enterprises, can in a short period of time without a big impact, but in the rapid development of logistics industry, the bottleneck effect will be more and more obvious. That is why after so many years of development, our country's supermarket shelves production levels and standards, standards with the international market has the very big disparity, this has been slowly expanding, it will also be a listen to think of me about the development of the supermarket shelves level and criteria. So, we should speed expansion and standardization production standards, improve product quality and the request is the top priority.
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