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Fresh fruits and vegetables fresh supermarket preservation techniques have?

by:Hshelf     2020-06-09

general temperature of preservation of fruits and vegetables in the 5-8 ℃, but banana, papaya, sugar apple, sweet potato and other warm more than 10 ℃ ( At room temperature) 。 In general processing method for fruits and vegetables are: cold water, cold saline treatment method, the resurrection, heat treatment, direct refrigeration method, 6 kinds of room temperature storage method.

a, cold water treatment method

volume larger corn, soybean, lettuce and other products in the processing. Cold water treatment method is to water tank filled with water, 200 l) , fruit and vegetable soak, make the fruit and vegetable 7-8 ℃ temperature drop, after cold water treatment, then use towel to moisture absorption or put into cold storage.

2, cold saline treatment

leaf vegetables in the processing, the processing steps are as follows:

in the precooling groove processing, water quantity of 200 litres, water temperature 8 ℃, will wash fruits and vegetables precooling and, for 5 minutes.

in cold salt water tank, water temperature 0 ℃, salt concentration 1%, 5 minutes.

in the cold water tank, water temperature 0 ℃, remove all absorption of salt.

in the space larger dry container and sent to Su Sheng library.

salt water tanks in fruits and vegetables in cold processing time not too long, to prevent the damage caused by salt.

three, resurrection process

onion, cabbage and leaf vegetables treated with this method, such as, can make the fruit and vegetable duly replenish moisture, resurrected. This method is to fruits and vegetables in the average temperature of 200 litres of water in the sink, wash the sludge, and absorb the moisture. And then into space larger containers, make its resurrection. Mustard, floret front-end sprinkling water on the water, making the roots to absorb moisture, raised the effect is much better.

4, direct refrigeration method

general fruit, side dishes, food processing, such as in the processing. This commodity has been treated by manufacturers, mostly in sales before, just packaging or labeling can be sent to the stores sales. These goods can be directly into the high temperature in the refrigerator.

five, the heat treatment

papaya, mango, banana, pineapple, cantaloupe and other fruit in the processing. Such goods in closed cartons, after a long time of transportation, the temperature will rise sharply, at this time as soon as possible to cool processing, namely open carton, fully gives heat dissipation, to room temperature.

6, normal temperature preservation method

pumpkin, potato, taro, burdock and other commodities in the processing. This commodity is not frozen, as long as in normal temperature, well ventilated place.

matters should be paid attention to the improvement of the other management include:

buying fruits and vegetables to cool as soon as possible. Avoid sharp temperature change. Temperature is too high in fruit and vegetable don't immediately into cold water, in order to avoid a too big impact, damage to fruit and vegetable, can sprinkle some water first, again after cooling the fruits and vegetables into cold water.

leaf vegetables to erect preservation

have cut vegetables, incision should be down. To avoid the cold wind blowing straight fruits and vegetables, or fruits and vegetables to lose moisture and wither. To keep humidity Chambers Su Sheng, prevent goods lose water, good water imbibition can cover on the container, thick hemp cloth, also can use wet paper, but paper easy to dry and can't reuse.

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